Who is ISWVG?

South Florida singer ISWVG has been involved in music since the age of 12 — despite his father’s initial wishes. “My father wanted to get into music production,” he explains. “He brought home a computer with music production software ... He told me not to mess with it because he thought that I would find some way to break it. But I didn't listen and I starting playing around with the software anyway.” 


According to ISWVG, his father ended up catching him and was about to punish him; however, once the young prodigy hit play, everything changed. “[My dad] was speechless,” he recalls with a laugh. 


It was a few years later when he began singing, and has been developing his skills ever since. His scope is wide — encompassing EDM, Pop, Hip-Hop, Cinematic soundtracks, and everything in between. 


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